Slender Fortress Boss Idea: Fraud

I've decided to put this idea on discussions because why not? And also this is just for fun but anyway let's start.

Fraud is a disguiser meaning he disguises as any person who is alive or was once alive in a round. He will start to form as a black person, it's shape is random like a heavy or a scout. If fraud sees a person he will disguise as them and no chase music will be heard but he will sneak up on to them and instantly kill them. Chase music can only be heard when looking at him.

He will also summon other Frauds like himself but when killing they disappear he will spawn them at any number when he has no partner.

But he doesn't just go "Look at him and he will chase you", he actually has a set of more patterns:

He will sometimes go to a corner and scare the person and chase them and kill them like jumpscaring them

He will wander around the map acting like a person looking for a page. Sometimes when he see's a page he guards it and anyone who he sees or is near it he will chase them.

He has a different way to kill. When looking at him at direct contact and when he taunts at you or scream "MEDIC" or "Spy!" he will chase you.

When he kills someone he disguises as them like He kills someone and he disguises as them and he kills another person and then disguise as that other person, basically like that.

He will only chase players without a warning when he is in his actual form.