Dissociative Dennis
Intro There's a leak... Pissing down on us. Water takes everything apart... down on us. Up from the sewer, that puts us... Water and time could drill a hole in anything.
Type Nightmare chaser
Signs of nearing Southern dialogue
Origin Outlast: Whistleblower
Map(s) Any
Theme song Untitled Chase theme
Partners N/A
Stunnable? no

Dennis is a boss faced in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Dennis, referred to as Dissociative Dennis, is a patient at Mount Massive Asylum and a minor antagonist character in Outlast: Whistleblower. He appears only once in the game in a condemned building just above the Vocational Block, where he presumably resides. He is diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder . He has four expressed identities or personalities: a brother named Timmy, an older brother with a thick speech impediment, their father and their grandfather. All the identities are distraught and will constantly babble about a non existent flood. Whether or not the flood would imminently happened or already did happen was never confirmed by Dennis. It is suggested that malingering, or a fabrication on reality is the cause for this delusion. Unlike other significant Variants, Dennis doesn't have a signature character model, rather a reused one, making him appear as a common inmate.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Dennis a boss in boss pack 3 and is like any other chaser. At first glance, he walks slow while in his unalert wander mode while spewing Dialogue about a life threatening flood or giving sacrifices to Eddie Gluskin. This is because, in the game he originates from, Outlast: Whistleblower. He casually walks instead of animalistically sprinting, and this trait slightly carried over into Slender Fortress. In game, he runs extremely fast as he share the same speed being a fast and have the same persistency as the Patients, and he is an 2 - 3 hit kill boss yet he can be an instant kill if he hits the player from the front.

Quotes Edit

Idle: Edit

  • Don't need any sisters. Maybe some- some girls that ain't blood.
  • To bear our guilt, our gender. A small piece of flesh between us and the blade.
  • There's a leak...pissing down on us. Water takes everything apart... down on us. Up from the s-s-s-sewer, that puts us... water and time could drill a hole in anything.
  • I-I-I don't wanna get Gluskin's attention. He'll hurt us.
  • We'll find a way around. We know this ground and we don't mind huntin'
  • He won't come up here. We keep giving him other poor fuckers to cut up and we're fine.
  • Everybody, just quiet the fuck down for a spell.
  • If we had a visitor... if we did, he could be our goat.
  • Grow some hair on your pecker, Timmy. Then, we can talk about girls.
  • The lot of you may as well be a pile of welped possom. Tiny, pink, and deaf, and blind.

Alert: Edit

  • Rats in the walls! Kill the rats!
  • For once, we agree
  • We give him to the Groom!
  • You wanna shut him up?
  • He's here! Inside the walls!
  • We have an interloper.
  • Oh, he'll do.

Chase: Edit

  • Kill him!
  • How ain't you dead yet?
  • I just can't wait to watch the Groom skin his ass.
  • Here comes the bride. Here comes your bride, Mr. Gluskin.
  • He'll hurt you. You'd make a pretty woman
  • Sorry, boy. We gotta make you an offering

Hitting the player: Edit

  • Don't kill him. We need to give him to... oh, you fucking idiots
  • Shut your cocksucker, you miserable little shit!
  • Cry about it.
  • Ha, ha! This idiot wants to die!

Losing the player: Edit

  • Fuck! Where'd he go?!
  • The fuck did that slippery little shit go?
  • You lost him, you useless fuck!
  • There he is! What do you think?
  • He... he g-got away! The Groom'll have us!

Trivia Edit

  • His kill icon has been set to a The Flying Guillotine's